Who Are We?



We are risk-taking thinkers whose accomplishments include getting a standing ovation at Fenway Park and working on projects that bridge the gap between technology and entertainment.


So why "Big Trouble?" Are we a pain in the butt to work with? No, the complete opposite actually. We pride ourselves on being extremely personable and love sitting down with our clients and helping them pursue their creative goals. The meaning behind Big Trouble is multifaceted. Our founder has always been known as a risk taker, someone who is willing to design something that might break some rules or look completely different than the norm. Let's call it creative exploration.


That being said, we also love working with clients who are in big trouble with their branding and identity. Some start ups fall into the trap of not fully finding their identity and sometimes that makes their message and their belief confusing to their clients. We love straightening that out! Think of your branding like your company's uniform. We'll make you look and feel like you belong in the pros.




The best way to get in contact with us is through email. We tend to be on the move, visiting with clients and helping them turn their creative ideas into fully realized projects.


So, shoot us an email, get in touch, and let's see what we can make happen.



Our Founder


Luke Dobie began his career painting hockey goalie masks for friends and over the years, expanded into branding and graphic design. He stills accepts paint jobs on an extremely limited basis.


For more information check out www.LukeDobieDesigns.com